Raghavan Srinivasan  - Writer/Director

Kaapi Tea Productions is a dream realized for me - I've been a "one-day-director" for a while now. What do I mean? Well, I've walked around in my safe cocoon saying, "One day, maybe, I'll direct a film". As we all know, saying is one thing and doing quite another. Finally, this year, I've decided to stop being a one-day-director, and start being something today. So here we go - welcome to Kaapi Tea productions! I've taken the plunge, and I hope you will too with me. It's going to be one hell of a ride. Just  armed with reels of film and a clapper board ;)

Vidya Venkat - Writer/Assistant Director/Editor

It is fair to say that I'm always looking for the next thing to do. When that 'next thing' merges with a passionate love for storytelling, then Kaapi Tea Productions is born.

I enjoy the written word, and the spoken word, which means that conversations of many kinds often interest me. Kaapi Tea is more than a film production team - it is a  call to experience a different perspective on the world, our perspective on the world, and your perspective on the world - a conversation of sorts between you and us. 

See you behind-the-scenes! Better yet - in front of them!

P.S. As a confession, it is the allure of playing with your minds that draws me to Kaapi Tea Productions. But shhh, I'd rather you keep that to yourselves.

Ashwin Radhakrishnan - Cinematographer

For me, the camera is a sketch pad, an equipment of creativity, passion and spontaneity. And with every click, I wish to create a kaleidoscope of emotions that will make trips down memory lane priceless. I wish to contribute to the art of film-making by converting words and emotions from scripts into visually captivating frames that leave lasting memories. Thanks to the Kaapi Tea production house, I now have a forum to do just that... Enough with the words already.. time to say 'Cheese'!!!! :)

Vidyashankar KR - Music Director/Sound Designer

Hey! If you're reading this.. Congrats!! You are the 100000th visitor to just this section of the site :P!!

To begin with, I'm a die-hard Rahmaniac. Nevertheless, I listen to various styles of music.. sometimes for learning, sometimes for taking references.. lol :D!

Been a keyboardist for few bands here in the Bay Area.. an ardent photographer, cricketer & ping ponger (hmm.. English is so unfair)

I'll let the writers do the writing.. we can musically connect here if you'd like:

Chitra Venkat - Art Director

At the core of it all, I love making things. There is nothing more satisfying to me that crafting a piece of art that can express a unique and inventive perspective. From handicrafts and painting to making sets and props - I have found that art has a place in every creative endeavor. I'm thrilled to be a part of Kaapi Tea and contribute to the visual elements that make a film realistic and engaging!



Santhanakrishnan Ramaswamy - Actor/Production Manager

I am a true Chennaite with appetite for new things. My  interests are painting/acting/playing volley ball. I believe that everyone in this world is unique and has something to contribute to mankind. I am super excited to be a part of Kaapi Tea team. Keep visiting our website to relish our new creations!

Raghuraman Ramamurthy - Actor/Production Manager

I love stories. I am a avid story listener. That is probably because I grew up listening to stories. In fact, I (we) began to listen to stories even before learning to speak. But, can I grow from a silent story listener to a loud story teller? Can I use the visual medium and all possible latest technologies to effectively tell what I want to tell? Kaapi Tea is a platform for me to join hands with a bunch of passionate storytellers to find out answers for my above question.

My other interests are travelling, hiking.

Vijayalakshmi G.S. - Actor/Art

Creating and playing with colours, shapes and visuals always get my mind racing with ideas and put a smile on my face. Being a part of the Kaapi Tea team, I get the platform to be inventive and innovative with my thoughts, with the end result translating into visually intelligent and captivating films. Even commercial cinema needs its share of 'art' ;) and that, my friend, is why I am here.....

Arun Rakesh Yoganandan - Cinematography/Lighting

Born into a family of photographers, it was inevitable that I would grow up to love the camera. Much of my childhood was spent hanging around in studios of family and friends, watching the process of people being captured in the best way they could be presented. I later ventured into fashion photography, attracted by the scope it presented for creativity and the ability to tell a story in a single frame. My biggest influences include Santosh Sivan, Peter Lindbergh, Henri Cartier-Bresson and Slawomir Idziak. I'm excited to join Kaapi Tea and look forward to making some great imagery with this wonderful team. 

Mahendiran Mohan - Cinematographer/Editor

Hails from Pondicherry. Idolizes Bill Gates, Sachin Tendulkar, Sankar Salvady and the inimitable Rajnikanth.

Loves photography, Formula-1 racing, fast cars and gadgets. A computer hack he wants to start his own tech company someday.

Neeraja Venkat - Editor/Media Designer

There is something about piecing together a story that excites me. It's sort of like a puzzle, finding the most creative, artistic but sensible way of jumbling up raw footage until you have a story that resonates with you, the audience. I love doing anything that allows me creative freedom and film editing has become a new hobby of mine. And when I have to take a break from this, I try and pursue a PhD, hang out with friends and dance, dance, dance. :)

Jatin Lodhia - Art Director

I love doing new things and when I was given the opportunity to do so I jumped on it. Yep, I have never been a paiee or an Art director but there is always a first time. I enjoy building things with PVC pipes, drills and screws and so here I am, the vice assistant handy man second in charge of "do it yourself" projects for the team.